Join the movement. Love the environment. Choose slow fashion.

There is a growing realisation that to be kind to the environment we need to cherish what we have. We need products that last. Products that improve with time. Products that are environmentally friendly.

EtaStar is just that. It’s the best choice for durability, reliability and luxury that lasts. It says what you believe in and who you are …


In order to commit to our strict environmental policy, Stotz has chosen to use only fibers made from natural sources, produced under ecological conditions, respecting human and workers rights.

Classic Cotton

PIMA extra long staple fibers

  • 7/16 inch (36.5 mm staple length)
  • 2% of the world-wide cotton crop
  • strong
  • soft feel
  • longevity
  • high yarn evenness
  • smooth fabric surface
  • luxurious shine

Organic Cotton

GOTS certified extra long staple fibers



  • 1 7/16 inch (36.5 mm staple length)
  • 0.04% of the world-wide cotton crop
  • no fertilisers
  • no pesticides
  • strong
  • soft feel
  • longevity
  • high yarn evenness
  • smooth fabric surface
  • luxurious shine

Sea Island Cotton



  • Ne 120/2
  • Ne 140/2
  • Worlds longest cotton fiber > 50mm
  • natural silk sheen
  • hard wearing
  • low hairing
  • most exclusive


  • 100% Tencel
  • 50% Tencel / 50% organic cotton blends
  • soft to the skin
  • smooth touch
  • luxurious shine and flow
  • excellent moisture management
  • breathable
  • optimal skin climate


Our various weaving partners can develop and produce any fabric feel, look or texture that will match your collection and design aspirations.
Shafts: up to 24
Jacquard harness: 1344/2688
Warp systems: 1–5 warp beams
Mass per unit area: 40–500 g/m²
Yarn counts: Single-end yarns Ne 2 – Ne 120, Twists Ne 10/2 – Ne 300/2 or more ply



Stotz has developed multiple special finishes to provide specific functional benefits in all our textiles. All finishes comply to Oeko-Tex standard 100 class II.

Non Iron

For 30 years a market leader in highest level of non-iron finishes for cotton fabric.

Formaldehyde Free

Formaldehyde in higher concentration (>75 ppm) is considered as a danger to human health. Instead, we offer a formaldehyde free finish (<16ppm) to solve this problem.


This finish to the yarn helps to ban bad odours and guarantees freshness for the whole day.


This special treatment removes the protruding fibres from the fabric surface. The result is an exceptionally smooth surface with cooling effect similar to silk.

Water repellent

PFC free finish makes the fabric water repellent (PFC C6 DWR upon request).

Aloe Vera

This finish simply improves the wearing comfort by adding a durable Aloe Vera substances to the fabric.

Peach Skin

Brushed the surface leads to a soft, warm feel and touch.


Global Organic Textile Standard can be provided on organic cotton fabrics.


This finish has been specially developed to achieve an extraordinarily soft feel for ecological fabrics.

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